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This elegant Clear Resin and Silver Aluminum Chiavari Barstool is the latest and most perfect entry to the party rental equipment industry. It is both beautiful and strong. The aluminum legs provide the strength that previously a clear “resin-only” barstool could not provide. We have all wanted a resin barstool for years, but it could not be done until now.

Chiavari Barstool Rental Information:

• Color: Clear / Metallic
• The clear resin chiavari barstool has a uniquely colored aluminum leg structure.
• The design allows the colors to blend for a single material appearance.
• The clear resin chiavari barstool has a non-stick, anti-static finish.
• UV treated paint prevents fading and discoloration.
• No sanding, repainting or staining needed.
• Perfect for the indoor and outdoor events.
• Capacity (static vertical load): 200 lbs.
• Chair Weight: 10.50 lbs. (Ultra-light, Ultra-Strong Design)
• Chair Height: 46.00“
• Seat Height: 30.00“
• Seat Dimensions: 15.75” Width x 15.50” Depth.


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