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Stuff a bear or any animal workshop is a magical and special teddy bear stuffing activity that will provide a lasting and memorable experience for all. Party Rentals Service Miami, Broward and Palm Beach

Product Description

Have your own “Bear Making Party” at Home!

Stuff a bear workshop is a magical and special teddy bear stuffing activity that will provide a lasting and memorable experience for all. The concept is simple: pick an unstuffed plush and fill it up yourself using our child-safe stuffing machine. You can then customize your teddy bear to your liking by picking out clothing and accessories such as shoes, sunglasses, and even sporting gear. The fact that you get to build your own personalized teddy bear in a highly interactive for everyone. My Florida Party Rental leading license & franchise provider has all the “ingredients” to go to any home or venue for birthday parties, fundraisers and special events. Of course, our stuffed animals aren’t just for kiddos. They’re happy, thoughtful gifts for the grown-ups too (adults who are kids at heart). Whether you are celebrating a graduation, birthday, wedding, baby shower or just because they are warm personal ways to celebrate events both big and small.


Perfect for:
-Birthday parties
-Childcare centers
-Summer camps
-Scout events
-Corporate events and parties


Party package
You choice of plush toy with over 50 different styles to choice from:
– Either one style of plush (most popular is teddy bear) or your choice of up to 4 different plush style
(It is recommended to not have too many styles to make it easy for kids to choose)


Package will include:
-1 Teddy bear stuffing machine
-1 Party Staff for 2 hours
-Carry home box for each plush toy
$250 + $15 per plush toy


Custom Party

-Your choice of plush toys to match your party theme
-You can add character outfits related with your theme ranging from $3 to $15


Activity Policies
*Package price does not include table and chair rentals for the activity. Please make prior arrangements for set up of activity area before the start time.
* Activity must start no later than 5 minutes after the set time. Guests who are late will have to catch up.
* Activity time is determined by the amount of participants. 2 hours can cover up to 24 kids. If more than 24 kids are expected an additional hour is required. Each additional hour is $25.
* It is the parent’s responsibility to watch after the children and maintain control of behavior
* Small children must be accompanied by an adult at all times
* The mascot is not forced upon anyone
* Foul Play will not be tolerated
* 20% deposit required to reserve. Custom Parties are subject to a 50% prepaid deposit that will be applied toward your balance. Deposits are non-refundable.
* Reservations may be rescheduled if desired time is available
* Total does not include gratuities for party staff
* You will receive a confirmation call 1-2 day before your party


Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us


We hope to see you soon!




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