How Operating a Snow Cone Machine?

Operating Instructions for Snow Cone Machine

  • Fill the gooseneck an inch from the top with ice cubes or 3″x4″ pieces of ice (the larger the ice chunks, the better the snow).
  • Plug in machine
  • Turn the power switch to the ON position.
  • Push and hold the motor button Apply firm downward pressure to the pusher handle to make the best snow. Practice will allow you to gauge when to stop pressing. This allows the ice to resettle against the shaver head. Too much pressure will result in snow that is coarse; too little pressure will make the snow mushy.
  • Do NOT force the handle.
  • Scoop and serve the ice, adding flavor after the ice is in a cone.
  • Unplug snow cone machine when not in use.
  • Do not put anything other than ice on the gooseneck. Doing so may damage the blades.
  • Keep fingers away from the shaver body when motor is running to prevent injury.
  • All equipment is tested before delivery but should be rechecked prior to use in case of malfunction.
  • When using multiple pieces of electrical equipment, do not overload the circuit, this may cause the equipment to fail.

Snow COne Syrup

How much syrup do you use on a snow cone?

¼ oz. = 1 snow cone of 4 1/2. For sample, 1 oz. of syrup will be ok for 4 snow cones of 4 1/2 oz.