10 best water slide rentals Miami

Are you looking Water Slide Rentals Miami?

My Florida Party Rental show you the top ten most popular inflatable water slide rental in the city of Miami, Fl


1- Number one is the famous sunny water slide. Although it is not the largest of the water slides. Its size is fun and accessible for all ages. Another point is its color and its narrow size that makes it fit in the backyards of Miami, Broward and Palm Beach houses. In MyFloridaPartyRental.com you will find 3 different versions of this versatile and fun inflatable:

Sunny Water Slide 22 Feet

Water Slide Rental

Sunny Water Slide (No Pool)

Water Slide Rentals

My Florida Party Rental has this version without pool so that you install it in the pool where you go to make your party. The fun will be for hours with this fun Inflatable Water Slide.

Sunny Module Water Slide

Water Slide for Rent


The theme of your party or event is princess, Mario Bros or superheroes? With this innovative water slide version you can choose any art panel. Available with pool and without pool to enjoy in the comfort of your home or party place.


2-  Volcano Water Slide Rentals. This exclusive inflatable is one of the highest water slides throughout Miami, Broward and Palm Beach, Florida.

Dual Volcano Water Slide


Water Slide Rentals Miami

In the photo this inflatable does not look as big as it actually is. So it would be good to ensure that you have the necessary space for the setup. The size needed for the installation of this huge water slide rental: 77’L x 27’W x 30’H. One of the BIGGEST Water Slide Rental in South Florida including Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.


3- Big Double Water Slide Rental in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach.

Big Water Slide

Size required for setup this big water slide: 50’L X 20’W X 24’H


4- Tsunami Water Slide Rentals. Get wet, in Miami and all South Florida hot days.

Tsunami Water Slide

Go fast have fun on this water slide. You, your kids and guests will have a thrilling experience on this fantastic water slide and slip N Slide ride! Size required for installation: 55’L x 15’W x 23’H


5- Shark Water Slide Rentals. My Florida Party Rental have taken our popular Shark slide and made it perfect for backyard parties and events.

Shark Water Slide

Perfect as an inflatable water slide, or as a dry slide! We’ve taken our popular Shark slide and made it perfect for backyard parties and events. Size required for installation: 35’L x 17’W x 24’H.


6- Splash Island Water Slide Rentals. Created for the little ones.

Splash Island Water Slide

Created for the little ones. The yellow and orange color reminds us sun. While the light blue color brings us a touch of ocean. The slide is shaped with a house, along with two slides, a climb and a pool. You can climb to the top platform to view the scenery. And then you can choose either slide way to experience healthy fun. there is a basketball hoop for you to play in that big water pool.  Size required for installation: 19’L x 19’W x 14’H. Enjoyed by kids 3-11

7- Dolphin Water Slide Rentals.

Dolphin Water Slide

Dolphin The favorite fish of the people of Miami. Due to its size, fits in almost all the South Florida pools. Size required for installation: 16’L x 11’W x 16’H


8- Inflatable Slip ans Slide Rentals. This is the favorite of teenagers and some adults in South Florida

Slip and Slide Rental

With this fun inflatable Slip N Slide, you will make any party or event is unforgettable. Size required for installation: 37’L x 16’W x 10’H.


9- Super Bounce House Water Slide Rentals. The favorite of mothers and fathers

Bounce House Water Slide Rental

What makes this Bounce House so popular is that you can get 2 sets for the price of one since it has bounce and water slide. Also has an area in which you can put the theme of the party you want. Size required for installation: 33’L x 15’W x 16’H.


10- Tropical Water Slide Rentals. Ideal for your next birthday party or event.

Tropical Water Slide Rental

Take the tropic of Miami to the backyard of your home with this healthy inflatable water slide designed in USA. Size required for installation: 28’L x 14’W x 20’H.

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